Feel My Love

Gail R

Two years after the death of her husband, Missy Colton moves her four boys home to Oklahoma to be near family. An unexpected encounter with Lee Henry, her younger brother’s best friend, recently returned from serving in the military in the Middle East, results in sparks flying between the two. To Missy’s surprise, despite the ten year age gap Lee begins his pursuit of her in earnest, confusing Missy who can’t understand why the younger man would want an older woman with four kids. However, Lee knows he’s found the right woman, and he’s willing to go to any length to prove it. Unfortunately, not everyone is supportive, and Missy’s brother Thayne is the most vocal. Can the pair overcome the opposition and find love?


A stunning retelling of the author’s parents' love story, “Feel My Love” puts a new spin on contemporary romance. Unlike many other stories, Missy is no dewy-eyed virgin to be swept off her feet. She’s in her thirties and trying to raise four boys after a happy marriage to her now deceased husband. Lee Henry is the dashing retired soldier but he’s a decade younger than Missy. Despite the age difference, Lee does everything he can to win over Missy and her boys and the romance will make the reader sigh. The reasons behind Thayne’s disapproval are interesting with the conflict keeping a timely pace with the romance. Lovers of contemporary romance should definitely add this book to the top of their to-read lists.


Sarah E. Bradley