Fearless Destiny


Tiffany George has done well for herself since a devastating breakup sent her from her home. Having recently earned a commission as a fresco artist, she returns home for a week of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, her homecoming swaps from vacation to work, as her father’s health declines and her community becomes caught up in some new business and neighborhood developments. With her family urging her to return to the family business, and Will Cleaver, the head designer of the new neighborhood taking an interest in her, Tiffany needs to decide between familial duty and independence. But to go against her family will take courage and to chase love might take even more.

A quick paced contemporary romance, “Fearless Destiny” embraces the idea of determining one’s destiny and chasing dreams in a clean romance with a small town setting. With plenty of emotion throughout the book, the focus of the conflict and plot is mostly on Tiffany. Will’s struggles to build his disabled-friendly neighborhood for people like himself are an interesting side thread. However, the conflict around Tiffany, while constant, isn’t really resolved at the end, with unanswered questions and unresolved family relationships. The romance has barely begun by the end of the book despite some steamy kisses, yet the story is so well written that the reader will find themselves sucked into Tiffany’s tale, outraged by her family’s attitude towards her, and lost as she is seemingly pushed out. A great contemporary read!

Sarah E. Bradley