Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush


After four years away at college, Penelope is back in Miami and one of the first things she does is visit her favorite coffee shop. To her surprise, her high school crush Jay Marshall (aka Dimples) is there and they have the opportunity to catch up. Jay is in need of a date to impress a group of investors. He’s on the fast track to end his parents' business and make millions in the process, and he needs Penny’s stable and loyal appearance to do it.  Penny starts a new job in a few days and needs a place to live, so when Jay offers to help her out, she in turn agrees to the date that should help him. Manipulative parents and a meddling ex-girlfriend  add to the drama in the sultry setting of Miami, FL.


“Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush” has a creative plot and a great group of great characters. However, there are many editing errors throughout the entire book and many inconsistencies that have timing and content in question. The pace is good with an easy to follow story line. With some polishing and clean-up this romance, that shows loyalty among friends and has some suspense aspects, has potential. Readers will enjoy the meddling by parents in their adult children's lives. Constant struggles add to the interest of this book, as its difficult to predict exactly where and how all the players will end up. Here’s hoping that another story follows which elaborates on others characters named in the story.


Julie Caicco