The Favor (Ghosttown Riders Book 1)


Cheyenne is heading for dinner at her mom’s house. She is late, as usual, and trying not to speed. When a motorcycle passes her, he catches her attention, as they are the only two on the dangerous curves coming up. Suddenly another car passes her at high speed and runs directly into the motorcycle hitting him, sending him flying and his bike over the embankment. She skids to stop at the gruesome collision, calls 911 and waits with the man, assuring him he will be ok. This encounter sets off a domino effect as Cheyenne figures out what do with the package the man asks her to take. ”No cops” and “Meg” are his last words. The ‘Ghosttown Riders’ especially Trax, are not sure what to make of her or how to take care of her.

“The Favor” is an absolute edge of your seat page-turner! The motorcycle club and a spunky, beautiful young lady make for some elevated drama! Cheyenne is the heroine, slightly timid but also very assertive. Her character blossoms nicely as the story progresses. Trax, our hero, is a drool-worthy guy who is tough on the outside and a total softy within, which makes him very likable. The MC is the typical stereotype we see on television, but Ms. Shea brings personality to each member of this group. The characters may seem abundant at times, but easy to track as this sets the tone for the series. Book one is a standalone but why stop there? Readers who like hotheads from a motorcycle club will fully enjoy this initial installment and the entire series for sure!

Viola Robins