A Father for Daisy (A Barnesville Novel)


When Gillian Crane was a senior in high school she found herself pregnant after a drunken prom night. She can’t remember who she was with, but it doesn’t really matter when her hateful mother kicks her out of the house and orders her to never return. Gillian makes a new life for herself and her daughter in New York City, but when her mother falls ill she returns to Barnesville. She discovers not much has changed in the small town, but she realizes that the people in Barnesville hold secrets and some might just be better left alone. Will Gillian find what she is looking for or will she be left heartbroken and forced to flee her hometown once again?


Jennifer Wenn has created a contemporary romance that is true to life and is filled with the right amounts of love, loss, and intrigue. “A Father for Daisy” has a plot that, although not untried, has enough twists and turns to make it unique. Ms. Wenn’s characters are intricate and relatable. There are authors that find it difficult to design a world that readers can understand, but the author has created a small-town community that readers will recognize and will remind them of one they know of or live in. Readers will find it difficult to put down “A Father for Daisy” until they know what happens next. The “Barnesville” series promises to be a series that readers will be excited to delve into. 

Mary-Nancy Smith