Fate, Love and Experience Points


Irene Grace Deveraux is a girl who enjoys her online games. A great job and good friends fill her day-to-day life, but her nights are spent alone. Her comfort zone is sitting on her couch in her pajamas with her gaming remote clutched in her hands. While she doesn’t live an exciting life, it is comfortable and she is happy. Then the sequel to her favorite online multiplayer game drops. 

Online worlds are filled with new friends and connections, so when Irene meets Gabe, their friendship fast evolves into more than just an online acquaintance. Soon Gabe and Irene are spending time together every day. Irene is surprised by how much she enjoys his company – and is surprised by how easily he shares his feelings with her. But Irene’s life turns on its head when the truth of Gabe’s real-world identity surfaces. Crazed fans, paparazzi and over-the-top celebrities plunge Irene’s blissful life in to chaos.

"Fate. Love and Experience Points" is an enjoyable and easy read. The author surprises with a fresh take on contemporary romance and life in today’s world of technology. Tension is well used and has the reader gripped, the romance is sweet and hot with ample twists and turns well suited to the situation the love interests find themselves in. However, the drama can become tedious and borders on over-inflated. The hero could present a little stronger, even in his cute nerdy persona. This is a comfortable read with hot sexy scenes and refreshing takes on established tropes. 

Cecilia Robins