A Fast Woman (Driven Women Book 1)


In a life full of fast cars and racetracks, CJ Lomax has always felt at home behind the driver’s wheel. When she finally gets her chance at a Cup Series contract, she discovers she must race for it, against an arrogant playboy, nonetheless. Grady McBane’s racing career is officially in shambles after he goes through a few family feuds in his old league. When the two stumble into one another, he’s immediately mesmerized by her sass and confidence, whilst she’s doing everything she can to not fall for that charming smile. As the pair tries to keep their chemistry for one another under control, the threat of career loss hangs in the midst like the humid air of the South. What’s the harm in a little friendly competition though, right?

All readers must fasten their seatbelts, grip those safety bars and keep their eyes on the road as this perfectly paced, magnificently mouth-watering, and incredibly enticing novel takes you on a wild race full of chaos, chemistry, charm, and typical Southern charisma. Ms. Doran’s novel grips a reader like fresh tires on track as one delves at top speed into the chaotic lives of two race drivers who can’t seem to keep their hands off one another. Not only does this novel consist of a sexy, slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers relationship, but it has the aroma of female power in a male-dominated sport. Even the surfacing of the characters’ tragic pasts that tend to spiral out of control, will keep a reader glued in. Every reader should wave the green flag and dive into the speed-reading of this exquisite page-turner full of laughter, loss, and love.

Austen Grace