Family Pieces


CHICK-LIT:  They’re the words no one ever wants to hear. The words that proclaim your life has just derailed and may never get back on track. “I’m sorry honey. Your mom is gone.” Finding a picture of a voluptuous bikini-clad stranger in your boyfriend’s apartment may not help the situation, either. Didn’t your mom warn you about him?

Just when Karsen’s life seems to be collapsing in a pile of ashes, she discovers her cherished family charm may be the key to rebuilding it. And not just that. It could reveal a lifetime of pain and secrets that help fill the gap of someone lost, with someone found.

“Family Pieces” takes the reader by the hand and leads them down paths they’re tentative about following, but leaves them so happy they did! With interlocking plot lines and robust characters ones heart is easily warmed to it. Uniquely inserted character perspectives can be confusing, but for the most part, they’re welcome and refreshingly original. The bits of romance are beautifully placed and the journey of healing is soothing and tender. It’s a lovely quest of self-discovery, strong family ties, and chances in life that are so worth taking. And BTW, sales in charm necklaces will suddenly spike and the cover, c’est magnifique! 

Sofia St. Angeles