Falling for the Wingman (Kelly Brothers #3)


Caleb Kelly just got back from Afghanistan - literally - and walked into an empty apartment in Florida, with a dust-covered letter on his pillow. Not sure what’s going on, he heads to Alabama to find his fiancée, Kourtney. Her last email was only a month old. Alex is Kourtney’s younger sister, and has been the one emailing Caleb, because she’s in love with him. Her sister doesn’t want him, but she agrees to be his wingman in getting her back – hoping to win him in the end. Let the games begin.


Readers might be tempted to call Caleb dumb for being head over heels so fast over a high-maintenance woman, but men going off to a war zone don’t always make the brightest decisions about finding someone who will be there when they get home. And Alex knows this, and loves him despite his poor taste in women, like her sister. The tale is so tightly woven, that it’s impossible not to get pulled into her heartfelt scheming and his desperation for solid ground. Finding that what he had clung to in order to survive was a lie, Caleb’s emotional journey to the truth isn’t easy or pain free. And Alex, pretending to help him win her awful sister, and fighting her even worse mother, will tug at the internal unfairness-of-life meter. More background on the new fiancée would make her sister’s epiphany more believable, but as is, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. A standalone in a series rich with full characters, this is not a story, or an author, to be missed!


Julie York