Falling Stars (Falling Stars #1)


Mia Ryder is the lead singer of Hushed Mentality, which includes her sister and a couple of girlfriends from their childhood. These ladies grew up in Washington and have been chosen to open on tour for one of the hottest rock bands on the planet -  The Forgotten. Christopher Mason, lead vocalist and song writer, has built quite quite the reputation - and not a very good one!  As soon as the tour is launched, he decides that this all-girl band has got to go and attempts almost daily to get rid of them. Christopher is a very dark and troubled man - his past haunts him nightly.  Neither pills, alcohol nor doctors can aid in his relief. When he does finally find his balm to calmness, he has no idea how to face or handle it. 


Wow! Sadie Gruber really takes readers on an emotional ride with “Falling Stars”! This rock and roll family, born from two different rock bands, gives readers a lot to relate to. The entire character list is great, their witty banter and individual personalities are incorporated throughout the entire story seamlessly. The plot, time line and subject matter are very well written and will keep readers from ever wanting to put this book down. The tragedy, comedy and recovery are well covered. Unfortunately, the proofing and editing of this book needs another look. Multiple words missing, the layout of chapters and inconsistencies were annoying, but push through, this story is still one that delights readers' every emotion! 


Julie Caicco