Falling for the Prodigal Son


Lucy Wyndham was once an underprivileged teen with nowhere to go.  Now she has her dream job - working for John Matthew. In her position she can protect the camp for wayward teens that turned her life around, until Mr. Matthew succumbs to age and illness. Sarah and John Matthew call their prodigal son home and demand that he take over running the Chesapeake Inn, a job he doesn't want and landing him in a place he despises, especially the camp for teens that accentuated his loneliness.

In this masterfully crafted novel, Julia Gabriel pits the tenacious Lucy Wyndham against her past in the form of Sterling Matthew. Lucy wants to save the camp and everything it has given her and hundreds of other campers. Sterling must turn the financial bottom line of the inn to a positive and that means closing the camp and ridding himself of bittersweet memories. When sparks fly it becomes clear that only one will win. The only drawbacks to this story are the misspelled words and omitted punctuation that occasionally rip the reader from the tale of romance. Ms. Gabriel takes her readers on a delicious journey of man vs. woman vs. self with carefully woven conflicts. Her characters are real and her descriptions of them are tantalizing. Kudos!


Erin Murdock