Falling for Home (An Angel's Lake Novel Book 1)


Lucy Aarons comes home to stay but her family doesn’t believe it. She is a photographer that has been bouncing all over the world for the last several years until she has an unexpected glitch in her career. Now, she is home and not sure how to feel about her family, the handsome Sheriff next door, or the troubles plaguing her small town. Sheriff Alex Whitman has been in love with Lucy Aarons since sixth grade. She had really never noticed and Whitman had never pushed the issue. But, since she was home, at least for now, he wanted to see what might happen if he made her take a second look. Fire and destruction of property have Lucy and Alex racing to find the culprit before he/she causes harm to anyone or anything else. 


Jody Holford has created a story that is delightfully interesting and fairly easy to follow. The story starts at the perfect place, slows a bit in the middle, but picks up speed toward the end. The characters are easily likeable and relatable but lack real depth and readers might find it hard to truly be sympathetic to their plights. Readers may not truly understand what makes each character tick or why they do the things they do. Although the plot is original, the story comes across a little wordy at times. Readers will still find “Falling for Home” a cute and enjoyable afternoon read. The mystery and romance of the story are satisfying enough to keep readers turning the pages. 

Mary-Nancy Smith