Falling for Grace (Wellywood #3)


CHICK-LIT:  It's a complete accident when Grace Mortimer tumbles off the catwalk and into the lap of a well-known celebrity, but her free-fall into the arms of Sam Montgomery immediately sparks his attention. Grace is flattered but also knows Sam is in a relationship with Hollywood darling Vanessa Hudson. Although Sam is supposedly taken, he tells Grace that his relationship is a sham and his "girlfriend" Vanessa confirms the fact. Staying ahead of the paparazzi and maintaining the facade of his relationship is proving to be a difficult task, and when a photo is leaked showing Grace and Sam sharing a passionate kiss, Grace is labeled a home-wrecker. As the two of them fall deeper in love Grace must choose between her heart and her dignity. 

Witty, hilarious and compulsively readable, this tale is the perfect follow-up to Grace's sister Brooke’s love story. Fans of the Wellywood Romantic Comedy series will be thrilled to catch up with past characters and witness the incredible changes that have taken place in their lives. Ms. O 'Keeffe shines with her sassy, tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek style of writing. While readers will love the fact that Grace readily stands up for herself when it comes to perfect strangers, one may become perplexed when she fails to confront the bad behaviors of those closest to her. However, the reader will want to get to the next paragraph, page and chapter as quickly as possible.  Return to Wellington, visit old friends and make new acquaintances... fall in love with "Falling for Grace"!

Chantel Hardge