Falling Down Under (Under Dynasty Book 2)


Italian opera singer Giada Fioricelo is excited to be cast as the female lead singer in the production of “The Magic Flute” at the Sydney Opera House. Soon afterward, she will marry Marco, a man of patience, good looks, and great wealth. If only her mother, also her opera career manager, would allow her some freedom to enjoy her visit down under. Australian opera singer Jack Wellington is a famed love-them-and-leave-them bad boy. He is also the lead male singer opposite Giada. Though she’s engaged and her mother watches her like a hawk, he cannot suppress his desire to claim Giada while he can.

The characters come off the page with surprising realism in this creative, refreshing tale. The author’s knowledge of opera production is impressive, allowing Ms. Swinton to build engaging and detailed scenes the reader can immerse themselves in. Although fiancé, Marco, has limited page time, readers will all want to marry someone just like him. Giada’s mother is unbelievably controlling, and the details sometimes bog down the story. Giada is a total pushover where her mother is concerned, all the while as she yearns for freedom and questions what real love even is. For a twenty-eight-year-old woman, this seems a bit unconventional in today’s era. Whether readers understand or even agree with Giada allowing her mother to govern her like a child, readers will certainly enjoy following her on her journey toward independence in “Falling Down Under”.

Emerson Matthews