Fall For You – Flirting With Forever, Book 4


If instant attraction was flammable, Quinn's and Liam's blazing chemistry would be a forest fire! Quinn, a high school biology teacher, and Liam, a restaurant owner, flirt with each other during a book club meeting at his establishment. When Quinn returns after hours to retrieve one of her girlfriend's belongings, a single kiss turns into an unexpectedly explosive, breathtaking tryst! Imagine their surprise and embarrassment when Liam and his ex-wife show up to Quinn's class for a parent-teacher conference! Then to their dismay his ex-wife asks for her to tutor their failing daughter. Quinn and Liam must decide if their passion for each other is just a flash in the pan or if they can pass the test to the next level. 

"Fall For You" is a steamy, quick read contemporary romance that will fog eyeglasses and steal breaths when a secret love affair tumbles into the light. Filled with witty banter and raunchy innuendo readers will enjoy the caring sisterhood between Quinn and her girlfriends. Liam's obvious devotion for his daughter as he struggles to care for her feelings and explore his attraction to Quinn will be a conflict that readers will appreciate. The clandestine nature of the hush-hush, hot-hot romance adds spice to the lover’s fling while causing damaging gossip and feelings of betrayal. The relationships and friendships with the ensemble characters give readers a strong insight into Quinn’s and Liam’s personalities and their struggle to do what’s right for all involved. Amanda Bailey’s fourth installment is a sexy, enthralling, and successful continuation of her Flirting with Forever series!

Tonya Mathenia