Faith and the Rock Star: Childhood Sweethearts Steamy Small Town Romance (Lake Howling Book 8)


After a breathtaking evening together, Ryan Lawrence leaves Faith Harris three days later without even saying “goodbye.” For the next eleven years, he builds a career as a well-known rock star with the band, Talon. Faith follows him and even knows the words to his songs, but is not prepared to see him in town. Her temper flares, and she does everything to keep him at a distance. He is not going to break her heart again! Ryan still has feelings for Faith and wants to give them another try, but he has no idea how to get past her prickly exterior. Then Ryan gets a mysterious package from an unknown person. He thinks it is from a local fan, but a certain evil is attached to the package which may cost Faith her life!

“Faith and the Rock Star” brings the reader to the small town of Lake Howling. Through the expert writing of Ms. Blake, the hero, heroine, and townspeople spring to life with their own distinct voices and characteristics. Faith and Ryan’s relationship is tumultuous and tentative. They need the help of their friends to see the virtues of one another in order to let the relationship progress. Ms. Blake expertly weaves in a murderous fan who keeps readers anxiously waiting for when she will strike. The villain is too obvious and takes away some of the mystique of the storyline. A bonus epilogue is available for those who wish to retrieve it. A beautiful story of second chance romance with a cat-and-mouse mystery, readers should not pass up this brilliantly written piece!

Belinda Wilson