Fairy Tale Lies


Jacob and Greta thought their romance was nothing but a one-time fling, a one-night stand, so to speak, a moment shared between them that would never be repeated but forever stay a memory. However, things turn out very differently. They meet again, and this time, Jacob isn’t about to let Greta slip away that easily. Determined to fight for a chance at having a relationship with her, Jacob convinces Greta to give romance a chance. 

But a relationship isn’t as easy as a one-time romance, and soon, they find themselves at odds with each other. They come from very different backgrounds: as an average, middle class guy, Jacob fears he’ll never be good enough for Greta. Greta, on the other hand, is afraid of her family and if they’ll consider Jacob good enough for her. Can they find a way to be together, or will their pasts and their fears drive them apart? 

This book feels very real, and that’s a good thing! The characters’ emotions, fears, struggles all feel real and believable. Jacob in particular is very easy to relate to. There is some drama in there that is obviously just for drama’s sake, but the main downside of the book is its predictability. It will not surprise the reader much, and most of the things that happen one could see miles away. That said, the story delivers a good description of how relationships work, how people struggle sometimes to put their pasts and their own ‘bad traits’ aside in order to fight for the person they love.

Majanka Verstraete