Fair Play (Diamond #1)



What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And hopefully, what happens outside of it is forgotten once you’re in Vegas, too, which is just what Dani needs. A fresh start working in a casino, where no one knows who she is. The casino owner Jace Diamond is more than happy to give it all to her, along with a hand to hold and everything she might want as sparks start to fly and love blooms.  And then, secrets are unearthed and the past awakens, threatening everything they hold dear…


In “Fair Play” the simmering heat of the Nevada desert and the lights and excitement of Las Vegas come alive and become a stunning background to extreme passion. 


However, behind the heat, there was just air, no substance. Since their very first meeting, when Jace acted highly inappropriately toward his employee and Dani reacted with a hold n’ cold routine, the relationship felt completely askew. Jace was unprofessional and too aggressive and Dani changed her mind a million times a minute. All the reader gets to see are heated encounters and a bunch of misunderstandings that somehow lead to “love” and marriage. Given the lack of character building, a real believable relationship was hardly possible.  The writing style was jarring, too, with POVs and scenes shifting in a strange and random manner. Sadly, this book wasn’t all it might’ve been.


Mimi Smith