A Facebook Affair

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Kelly Littleton has been hesitant about joining Facebook, but after a (big) nudge from her best friend, she decides to bite the bullet and simply do it. Kelly has a hearing impairment. Her childhood wasn’t easy - as someone different in a public school she was constantly teased by the mean girls. The only bright spot was Brandon and his friendship. So, the first person she looks up is Brandon. Luckily, he remembers her, and so an “affair” begins.

Brandon Hopkins was really glad to hear from Kelly. He remembers the sweet child she was, and he can’t wait to get to know the woman she became. He has problems of his own, he just divorced his cheating wife, his brother-in-law is overseas so he’s helping his pregnant sister with whatever she needs, but Kelly brightens it all up.

The plot is unusual; a heroine with a hearing impairment is not something that is seen often. Nor is the sweet and completely realistic way Brandon and Kelly come together. They get to know each other slowly and cautiously, both were burned by life. Unfortunately, there were some problems. The story dragged (for all its shortness), but mostly it was the way-too-neat ending, especially the part with Brandon’s sister and her baby (and the ex-wife), that much coincidence ended up being a little too much to believe. Still, it was a good read with a unique heroine, with the interesting approach of showing us the past along with the present. Seeing the Kelly from the past and all the misery she went through, then, the Kelly from the present and the good life she has built for herself was inspiring!

Ana Smith