Exit Signs


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Researcher Tracy Price is hired to unearth the whereabouts of a prominent writer who disappeared in New Mexico. She has also been hired by rock star Jesse Elliot to go through his autobiographical manuscript prior to its publication. Tracy sees the man behind the persona and when one thing leads to another, Tracy realizes that her life is intricately linked both to Jesse and to the missing writer.

This novel is a rarity in its near perfection. Tracy’s character is shown one facet at a time – from her unusual snacks to her sarcastic wit – and will give readers lots of laugh-worthy moments. The novel is written through Tracy’s perspective all throughout the novel and it is only during moments of dialogue will one see who Jesse is. This used internal monologue despite using the first person’s viewpoint. Again, this isn’t necessary as this reads as though it is a monologue within a monologue and could have disrupted the reader’s enjoyment. However, Ms. Locke so skillfully steers the story forward that one can forgive her for what might be considered a tiny infraction to the pleasure of reading.

This is a really good case of showing and not telling and allows the reader to become a part of Tracy’s journey to self-discovery. It is as fulfilling as it is bittersweet; as funny as it is heartbreaking.  It is just this side of perfect.

M.P. Ceja