Every Minute


Adara Dumont lives to teach and to look out for her best friend, Gia, but Adara doesn’t live for herself. Devoid of a love life, she lingers in the shadows of the death of her brother Joey, an amazing musician who will never be replaced in her heart. Enter Garrett Ambrose, bachelor and internationally known violinist. Despite warnings from his friend to avoid the “stark princess,” Garrett pursues Adara with persistence. Adara prefers to remain stone cold in the presence of her handsome admirer and sets her sights on dealing with school issues along with saving her job. Garrett’s sense of humor and patience peel away Adara’s walls but eventually, they find themselves dealing with both of their pasts only to wonder if they have a future.

“Every Minute” will make readers laugh aloud with humorous dialogue. Adara is feisty and smart. Garrett is talented and desirable. Each of them is well rounded, with their own pasts, which contribute nicely to intertwining a love story. At times, the story’s use of pronouns is confusing. The story hovers on unbelievability at times, due to how irritated Adara becomes with Garrett, yet she spends time alone with him. Her comments don’t seem worthy of his instant undying love for her either. However, once Garrett is able to kiss Adara romance sizzles and readers will continue turning pages to find his next step in the conquest of Adara’s heart. The twist behind the title will melt readers’ hearts and find that the story was worth every minute of one’s time.

Moira Wolf