Every Kiss: Music, Love and Other Miseries: The Prequel

C. J.

The male protagonist in this novella is Ian O’Connor, who is an attorney and quite a "player" at the law offices of Hamilton & Associates.  He has a strict one-night-only rule that he never breaks.  There are hints of deeper secrets, but this novella is only the prequel to the main story, so those details are never fleshed out.  Gia Hellman lost the love of her life six months earlier.  She has been existing in a haze and going through the motions ever since, no longer fitting her nickname of “Glitter Girl.”  Gia made a pact with her dead fiancé and his sister, Adara, to keep both women moving forward and promising that they would accept invitations in order to move on in life after his death.  

The banter between the protagonists is fun, flirty, and intelligent, despite the fact that Ian is sexually indiscriminate.  The tension is palpable between Ian and Gia and the pacing moves along at a good clip.  Because this novella is strictly a prequel, the characters are not fully fleshed out.  The reader is given a preview of the personalities and characters featured in this series, which whets the appetite for more… There is a lot of potential in this prequel. Hopefully, the novel and the rest of the series live up to this potential. 

***Be aware that this is not a complete book.  This is a prequel novella and ends in a cliffhanger.  The actual book is titled Every Breath, published on February 25, 2020.  

Carey Sullivan