The Event (The Creek Water Series Book 1)


CHICK-LIT/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Emmeline Frothingham is having a bad day, but it's about to get worse. Single and rocking a job in New York City, life is good, until a one-night stand changes everything. Now Emmie is back in her hometown where everyone knows everyone's business, and her family heads that list. It's their idea to invent a dead fiancé to explain her baby girl. Meanwhile, Emmie is determined to join the family business and create a future for her daughter. As a result, she runs into Zach Grant, the contractor her uncles hired. Zach blows so hot and cold that Emmie needs a thermometer to keep track. On top of that, the feud her mother and aunt have with a social matron threatens to make life crazier than it already is. It's going to take a little honesty, a lot of courage and a belief that love can win to make it all come out right. For Emmie, that might be a risk worth taking. 

"The Event" is small-town romantic comedy at its best! Emmie is an up-and-coming professional until she's not. Her ability to pick herself up and make a new life for herself is inspiring. Her family is interfering, but it's all done in the name of love. The feud her mother and aunt have with a woman named Cootie, is laugh-out-loud funny. While the premise is outlandish, it all seems to hold together. The push and pull between Emmie and Zach will keep readers glued to the page. Most of all, these are characters readers will want to revisit again and again for laughter and romance!

Tricia Hill