Eve of the Storm


Leonard is the survivor of a tragic accident that resulted in him losing his entire family. He now suffers from severe agoraphobia and an extreme case of PTSD with debilitating panic attacks. He never leaves his home. Ever. Even his wide covered porch is becoming difficult for him to bear. When a massive storm blows its way to his home in central California, Leonard wakes up on Christmas Eve to find a homeless girl sleeping on his porch. Eve, obviously scared and hurting, suffers from her own demons, and has a hard time trusting that Leonard is just being kind, and not expecting anything in return. These two broken souls form an unlikely friendship, healing each other in a way neither could have seen coming.

For being such a short story, "Eve of the Storm" sure packs quite the emotional wallop! One is pulled in from the first page, and the story will have the reader running the gamut from anger to despair, joy to hopefulness. As Leonard recounts the accident that cost him his family and ruined his life, the emotion fairly screams from the pages. Similarly, as Eve opens up and explains her hurts… it is truly heartbreaking and may make some readers uncomfortable. Typos are evident, yet do not really detract from the story. “Eve of the Storm” is a heartwarming tale that will touch every reader, bringing with it hope, and the message that it is possible to learn how to be happy after suffering through tragedy and heartbreak.

Katy Nielsen