Eve’s New Year (Holidays in Lake Point 6)


Eve Ellery and Jake Gardner have been best friends practically their whole lives. They grew up next door to each other as kids and when Eve’s single mom needed someone to watch her she ended up next door at Jake’s. Fast forward to adults working together, they are both committed to hard work and admire each other from arm's length. Eve’s mother has Alzheimer's and is in a care home. The monthly bill is expensive, and Eve needs another job with higher pay for her living expenses and her mother's care. She hates to leave Jake, and he hates to see her go. He feels selfish because he cannot give her more and knows she would be better off elsewhere. Will their hearts agree with choices made and meet up at the New Year’s Eve party?


Ms. Cass has a classic take on love with the girl next door. The mother with Alzheimer's is approached in an enlightening and delicate way. The compassion of her family who cares for her is well represented. The indecision of the main characters to follow their hearts and not to share their feelings was frustrating but will keep readers hanging on to see what happens. “What’s a man without his girl Friday, anyway?” This theme is consistent throughout and creates angst. There is a small amount of suspense and readers may appreciate some added drama to the story. Overall predictable and a quick read, but also enjoyable as a light-hearted romance. This is part of the Holiday series but does stand alone. 


Viola Robins