Haven Jameson reinvents herself after her husband dies and creates a new future for herself and her best friend when she builds a luxury spa.  The property next door is for sale and she wants it, but so does a developer who could put her out of business. 

Pace is a pro-golfer, and in need of a new future himself when he walks away from eighteen holes. After losing his wife and daughter, no woman is good enough until Haven puts her magical fingers to his aches and pains. She could heal his body, and maybe his heart. 

The idea of two women running a destination spa is refreshing, and although it is explained that Haven was once a massage therapist, its doubtful shed lay hands on a client considering her position as owner. There is plenty of character evolution throughout to keep the reader engaged. Pairing down the push-me, pull-you scenes often repeated with inner voice and doubt was overdone. Showing with action vs. inner voice may have been a better tool to exemplify the struggle of both lead characters. Ms. Lucaswriting is solid, and the plot believable, but the numerous times the hero runs away could have been divided in half to tighten up the tale.

Readers will appreciate the beautiful setting penned by Ms. Lucas. The hero, although scarred, is hot and handsome. The love scenes have a sizzling intensity five steam readers can sink their fingers into to massage away the humdrum. 

Natasza Waters