Eruption (Yellowblown TM Book 1)


NEW ADULT:  Violet is in her sophomore year of college. Everything is going great: her best friend is her roommate and her freshman crush is finally her boyfriend. Nothing can get her down now. That is, until a Yellowstone volcano erupts and emits a continuous flow of ash. The world as they know it is drastically changing; ways of life are being threatened.  Violet, along with the rest of the United States, must learn to adjust. Can she hold on to her sanity while trying to survive?


“Eruption” is the first book in the series. It is the type of story that is very believable and frightening, knowing a natural disaster like this could really happen. It is the type of book that will stick with the reader forever. J. Hughey did an amazing job researching facts for the story. While reading, one might actually forget that this is a work of fiction. Boone is incredibly sweet, and is such a gentleman - more characters should be like him. Violet is a smart and strong young lady. The way she learns to cope with all of the changes is so refreshing for such a young person! Unfortunately, the book ends in a cliff hanger. It’s not so bad that the reader will want to throw their device, but it does leave the reader wanting more closure.


Heather Mcguire