The End of the Line


INTERRACIAL:  Latesha Thomas is a college student living with her handicapped father.  When she finds herself financially strapped, she starts a matchmaking service that ends with disastrous results. She does, however, start up a friendship with her only male client, Peter Elsworth. The chemistry is strong and a mutual attraction has them entering into a relationship that is opposed by both Latesha’s father and Peter’s mother because of their difference in races. 


This entertaining story encompasses not only romance but also the sensitive subject of interracial dating. "The End of the Line" is a sweet love story that starts out slow but soon picks up speed. The racial difference wasn’t a problem between the protagonists until Latesha’s father spoke up, and then the prejudice they encountered was a little too forceful and seemed to be more of the mindset of people in the 60’s rather than present day. There were a few rough patches that slowed the flow of the story, but for the most part, it moved smoothly. 


This multi-layered tale draws the reader in with its mixture of turmoil, racism, love, kindness, hate, and acceptance and doesn’t let go until the end. However, this is more than the average love story. It is a heartfelt tale of a developing love between two people from different walks of life and races, who overcome prejudice for their right to love whom they choose.


Janna Shay