Encore! (Tudor Saga Book 1)


Elizabeth Tudor left home at eighteen and enrolled at Juilliard as Mary Stuart. For ten years she never looked back and had no regrets about leaving her family behind. After all, they were so enamored of the musical talents of the three boys they had no time to nurture hers. Then she discovered she was equally talented as a photographer. When Mary meets her newest client, violin virtuoso Daniel Kennedy, there is instant chemistry. Before long, they are inseparable. Things couldnt be better until Daniel learns Marys darkest secret and he loses trust in her.


This is a beautifully written tale of the return of the prodigal daughter. While the reunion is entirely by accident, Mary is still returned to the fold. The dynamics of the family are honestly told - not everyone is ecstatic to have Mary back home, not even her twin brother. When reading about the different places Mary and Daniel visit during his tour, it is easy to imagine being there and seeing things through their eyes. The relationship is very realistic with both Mary and Daniel being allowed to have and display real emotions. There is plenty of conflict throughout the story, so the reader never has time to become nonchalant during this wonderful novel of discovery. Encore!


Belinda Wilson