Ella’s Love


Ella has a lot of baggage, what with a child to care for and a degenerative disease to deal with; meeting rock star Marcus and finding love was the last thing she expected. Marcus could have anything and anyone he wanted, but when fate kept throwing Ella in his path he finally paid attention and chased after the one girl he couldn’t forget. But Ella’s life isn’t easy and since Marcus has been burned before, accepting Ella’s whole life could prove to be more than he can handle.


A rock-star romance novella, “Ella’s Love” is given a different spin with the heroine having a disease and a child from a one night stand outside her relationship with the hero. However, despite the insta-love romance, the story doesn’t have the length to give depth to any part of the story so it feels constantly rushed, with holes in the plot. Further, the first person point of view is a little jarring here as it reveals the inner flaws and rambles of the characters without really showing their good sides at all, which makes it hard to connect with them. On the other hand, the basic idea behind the plot is cute, and the interactions between Marcus and Ella’s son are fun to read. This is a fast paced contemporary romance with a lot more room for depth and a hot rock star to swoon over.


Sarah E. Bradley