The Election Connection


After losing her husband, Lily Ashton put her pain into action by starting a charity for war widows, which doesn't leave her any time for love or relationships. Congressman Ford Richardson has a campaign to focus on and his friend Lily is the ideal companion for those events. When his campaign team decides that an engagement would help his media profile and his campaign, Ford asks Lily to play his fiancée. Throughout the charade, both of their feelings begin to build into something more. Can they make it to the election without giving into their feelings?

Monica Tillery has taken the story of two people thrust into a fake engagement and made it her own. She throws together two characters who are good friends and has them go through the motions of being engaged while thy fight their growing feelings for one another. The author researched well and shows her knowledge of political campaigning, which added to the authenticity. The main character, Lily, was a little too perfect in some respects making her hard to relate to. Still, raw passion and fiery romance flows between the two main characters making this book a real page turner while the reader yearns for a happy ever after. Although this book is short, it is written in such a way that one understands the whole story and enjoys it at the same time. This book will assuredly give the reader a few hours of great reading pleasure!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick