Eight Days of Christmas


Isabella Whitley hasn’t been home for Christmas in ten years after moving to New York to chase her dreams. This year, her sister is getting married for the holidays and as the maid of honor, can’t miss it. Between having to fly home after ten years and her recent breakup, she’s on edge throughout her whole flight. When her flight must land in Omaha, Nebraska due to weather, she finds herself stuck at the airport with non-other than her high school sweetheart Leo Hoffman. With one rental care left and the same destination, Leo and Isabella must share the ride despite the awkward tension. Memories of the past and who Isabella used to be back in Colorado begin to flood in the longer she is around Leo. As long-lost passion rises, Isabella isn’t sure how she will handle their unending questions about why she hasn’t come home.

“Eight Days of Christmas” is the light-hearted romance that everyone needs sometimes. The plot was predictable, but that didn’t take away from the emotions that course through the pages. Given Isabella’s backstory and the residual anger between Leo and Isabella, I didn’t expect them to fall into each other so quickly; however, the progression of their love leveled out once they were back in Pineridge to a more believable pace. It was a breath of fresh air to watch Isabella let her guards down and take the time to not only enjoy her family, but to rekindle lost flames with Leo. Their passion was oozing off the pages with an ending that will leave readers craving rom-com-grand gestures.  

Sadie Wilson