Edge of the Past

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Sergei and Emily went through many hardships to get to where they are today.  Now happily planning their wedding and preparing for the world cup finals in ice-skating, life looks wonderful.  There is one competition Sergei wants Emily and her partner to compete in before the big one, however, and it is in Sergei’s home country of Russia.  

Once in Russia, however, things start to fall apart quickly.  First Chris suffers an injury that stops them from competing, then a chance run in with Sergei’s old lover throws Emily’s world into a tailspin.  Can Sergei fit his past into his future and can Emily accept a past that will forever change her life?  Maybe sometimes loves just isn’t enough...

What an absolutely gripping read!  Although this second book in a trilogy  can be read as a stand-alone it will have much greater meaning if the first, “Life on the Edge” is read first.  The problems dealt with in this story are both realistic and heart-wrenching.  Ms. Comeaux does a splendid job of taking a common, yet horribly complicated situation and drawing the reader in until one feels every emotion and decision - whether good or ill.  There were a few situations that were brushed over a little too lightly such as Sergei’s complete lack of understanding and somewhat neglect of Emily’s feelings when dealing with his new circumstances.  The book’s writing style also felt more like a Young Adult read, although the subject matter was adult in nature.  Still the sheer richness of the storyline and the emotion that accompanies it makes this a book to savor!

Ruth Lynn Ritter