Duet in September (Calendar Girls Series, Book 1)


In a small seaside tourist town, twin sisters Paige and Nia Wainwright decide to shake up their predictable lives by embarking on a TV talk-show host’s challenge. Every day for thirty days, they must each do one thing different from their normal routine. Nia, an artsy woman still simmering with the pain of her mother’s abandonment, is dead-set against any outsiders lest she turn into her mother – who ran off with a wealthy tourist. But when a handsome wine-maker with a pedigree steps into her store, her convictions take a tumble. 

Returning home to run her father’s CPA firm, Nia’s twin sister Paige is brilliant but snarky. Clashing with her a high-school adversary puts her on a slippery slope and shakes up her life in ways she never expected.


Author Gina Ardito delivers yet another well-written novel that keeps the pages turning! The story is told from each sister’s point of view and the author does a great job showcasing each woman’s personality, strengths and weaknesses. The scenes are well-developed and the characters are dynamic. One event seems somewhat unbelievable, but overall, the plot is well woven and keeps the story moving. The tension and romances advances nicely, despite an abundance of often humorous misunderstandings. The sisters never expect the changes they invite into their lives, and the reader gets to go along for the ride. "Duet in September" is full of wit and tension delivered in a tight, fun plot.   Good things are sure to come with the rest of the series!


Stephenia McGee