Dreams of Perfection


Darcy Butler is looking for her perfect man. Being a best-selling romance author, her standards are a bit high. Throw in her commitment fears from a previous engagement and the horrible streak of blind dates; it seems that Darcy will never be finding her Prince Charming. Time and again, Darcy discusses her non-existent love life with her best friend Josh Ryan, not realizing that he's in love with her. Being the good guy that he is, Josh patiently listens and offers his insightful advice. After rushing to the hospital when a friend is in an accident, Darcy comes face to face with who she thinks is her perfect match, the hero of her upcoming novel. Have her dreams really come true?


Ms. Heflin writes a lovely contemporary romance highlighting that what one thinks is perfect is not always right. Readers will enjoy that Darcy is a romance novelist and is completely blind to the fact that her best friend is secretly crushing on her. The relationships between the characters make the story very engaging and will have the reader hooked; especially the humorous banter between Josh and Laura.  There are a few parts of the story that are a tad slow but quickly pass. Readers will completely fall for Josh, the lawyer with a very soft side for the less fortunate. He gives the story a large swoon-worthy factor. 


Heather Mcguire