Dreams Interrupted (St. Louis Sisters #2)


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Best friends Karen, Jayne and Claudia are as close as sisters. Sharing their ups, downs and everything in between, they have always supported each other. When Karen faces the toughest trial of her life, the strain she is under begins to spiral and the bond between the three of them is tested. Karen, though usually the strong one, is slowly falling apart. Claudia is afraid to ever truly bear her soul and open her heart, and Jayne, the dreamer, is beginning to see her rose-colored glasses clouding over. Can they rise above their own issues long enough to save their friendship?


The bonds between women are strong and prevalent in this story, with its touching look at friendship, marriage and motherhood. Enduring hardships and happiness with the support of family and friends is always a wonderful choice for reading material. Karen's emotional circumstances resonate with such honesty and her story is one that will move many.  Although lacking the same amount of intensity as Karen's, Jayne and Claudia's characters add a lighter balance with interesting and appealing personal qualities. "Dreams Interrupted" is the kind of book that, with a cup of tea and a comfy spot, you will want to curl up with!


Lauren Taylor