Dreams of Fate


Blair Coal, a young teaching assistant, finally wakes up from a coma—only to realize she’d met the man of her dreams while she was asleep. Cue dream man, Tyler Shoan, a firefighter put into a coma after trying to save a civilian. Blair, while still in recovery tries to find Tyler, but his stubborn, skeptical cousin, Regan Stoan, is right there to stand in her way. As Blair tries to convince Regan that their coma connection was real, the two discover plenty of extra hoops to jump through on the way. Unwanted ex returns, surprise relationships, some shocking plot twists, and a little bit of jail time seem to shake up their routine quite a bit. Blair, Regan, and Tyler are about to realize, life is always unpredictable when love is involved.

Astonishing is the only acceptable word to describe the unbeatable writing of this heart-wrenching and invitingly, sexy novel. Skylar Shoar explores a multitude of tragic, heart-felt, passionate, and gripping scenes that will gradually tear readers’ hearts to pieces throughout the story, only to sew them back together again. It has a bit of a fast pace to it, but it’s easy to stay focused on the plot when there are only a few characters and settings to keep track of. This novel’s plot is also anything but predictable, constantly keeping a reader on their toes in a nail-biting frenzy for what will happen next. There is a lot of plot twists to keep the storyline unpredictable, but the impatience of watching another obstacle post-pone the love story is a bit unsettling. Nonetheless, the characters’ slow-burn relationship was intoxicating to read.

Austen Grace