Drawing Me In (Due South #7)


Bree and Harley used to torment each other as kids, but there was also a spark between them. Not until life brings them together enough times as adults do they finally turn the spark to a flame. Harley returns to Oban from New York. He needs to reconnect with family and his New Zealand home. Bree has returned too. They both love the arts, and soon they’ll admit they love each other.


Ms. Alvarez takes contemporary romance to new heights with the twists and turns of love in “Drawing Me In.” Her characters rarely disappoint. It appears there are more dysfunctional families in Oban than most small towns and more to come with Bree and Harley’s union, the seventh installment in the series. The Due South series is a must have for contemporary fans, but this one has a few too many "push me-pull me" moments and lags in the center. A surprising twist near the end spins the interest again, but the roots of this family tree are seriously twisted. There’s a balanced separation between lead characters and other favored book characters given a momentary spotlight. It’s hard to pinpoint the reason why Harley changes from carefree bachelor to devoted and love-struck. His adamant stance against love is a little too stubborn, and for reasons that have been written many times before. 


Old secrets are revealed. Love blooms. And in the end, everyone will be at the church on time. 


Sloane Austen