Drawing Lessons


Marie Witherspoon is being divorced by her politician husband Richard, for his gossip blogger mistress. In the midst of figuring out what to do with her life, her best friend Marie gives her a gift certificate for drawing lessons. Artist Luc Marchand is a very sexy French man, who rejects her at first, telling her to come back when she knows why she wants to draw. Returning, she realizes that his teaching methods are a bit unconventional. Luc wants her to draw what she “sees” not what she thinks she sees. Soon things begin to heat up, and the love Marie never felt for her husband has blossomed with Luc. 


Senator Richard Witherspoon has decided that, on the advice of his campaign manager, to call off his divorce. He doesn’t care that his wife wants the divorce; he will have his way, or force her to comply. What’s even worse is the fact that her mother agrees with Richard, and will help him deal with her daughter.


What a sigh worthy tale. The relationship between Marie and Luc is a slowly growing burn. One that isn’t an insta-love relationship, it builds with each lesson, making it much more romantic. Richard is evil in his own right, and if one has a mother like Marie’s, it would make one scream! There are twists and turns in this story that one will not expect, which is a delightful surprise! Ms. Gabriel does an amazing job of making the reader want to turn every page and savor it. Read this story, what do you SEE?


Tonya Smalley