The Doubting Heart 

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Shelby Holt has accompanied her friend and thesis adviser, Michael Graham, to Wildhorse Pass, a boutique resort in New Mexico. As a specialist he has been asked by the cash-strapped owners of Wildhorse Pass to investigate and see if their land can be declared an ecologically-sensitive area and therefore qualify for government grants.  When Michael 'disappears' Shelby is convinced that Michael has been murdered despite his body never being found. She stays on at Wildhorse Pass to investigate his disappearance. Chad Graham is an ER doctor and has just finished a tour of duty as a reservist. Michael is his cousin. When his disappearance is deemed death by misadventure, Chad signs on as a ranch-hand at Wildhorse Pass to delve undercover into Michael's mysterious death.

Though this is the second book in the 'Heart's Desire' series this can be read as a standalone. With some well-defined main characters and well-described details of ranch life and trail-riding this is an enjoyable read. Unfortunately, Charisma, the owners' daughter came off as a little too clichéd as the sexy, spoiled, beautiful rival for the hero's affections. And the plot line didn't present anything new or different to most other romantic suspense. But if you enjoy contemporary westerns and romantic suspense this is a satisfying mystery and a pleasing, but average romance.


Jill MacKenzie