Reviews - Contemporary

Doctor Katie Gallagher is a well-respected ER physician at a big hospital in Seattle, living the live she thinks she wants – but then a call from her older sister in the middle of the night has her racing back to her hometown to handle her father’s practice as he recovers from a heart attack. Being home is the last thing Katie wants… at least she thinks so.

“The Secret Seven” are at it again, and this time the matchmaking seniors have set their sights on the retirement community’s activity planner, Sophie, and the Fish and Tackle owner, Lucas. What the seniors don’t know is that Sophie and Lucas had already caught each other’s eye. While neither had made a move yet, both are very interested in finding out more.

Lauren Murata, a scholar of gender studies, meets Kazu Mori at the bake sale held at his daughter’s school. Kazu Mori has recently lost his wife, so he is new to the dating scene. However, while at the school, Lauren and Kazu meet and realize how close their children are to each other.

After practically banishing her to Vietnam for three years, Candance Crane has no interest in the famous and stunningly handsome Ruben Palmer – except to make it to the top floor of Palmer Hotels HQ. She doesn’t count on her stepsister showing up Candance’s second day back with a baby, and then bailing without him.

Route to Romance

Shelby Harrison has a career she should love but doesn’t, and it shows. Finally, her boss encourages her to take a road trip to sort her head out, so Shelby rents an RV and heads off to visit her family. Along the way, she accidentally bumps into a boy she remembers from high school – only he has grown into an incredibly handsome man!  Jason’s songwriting career is in a rut.