Don’t Mention the Rock Star


Celebrity reporter Kellie has never told her husband that she dated now-famous rock star AJ Dangerfield of the band Danger Game. They were teens when they dated and the more she hears of AJ, the more temptation is beginning to get the better of her. Both of them are now married with kids, and life has added lots of complications,making it even more difficult for them. Can they get past the challenges and potentially rekindle the love they still feel for one another, or are they doomed to never feel each other's touch again?

This book has an interesting plot - where both main characters are married to other people and have children. The story moves on at a reasonable pace, however, there are some parts where it slows down and the reader may find themselves losing interest. Kellie’s development through the story is interesting as she has so many challenges to face and it becomes necessary to find out if she conquers them and finds what she wants in her life. The reader is kept guessing throughout the book with the numerous twists and turns, and with relatable characters and a compelling heroine the reader will be hard-pressed to put this one down. Ms. Darcy has written a great debut novel and it will be interesting to see what she comes up with next. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick