Doc Showmance

Zoe Forward

An emergency Vet clinic in San Diego with a reality TV show filming is where Amber gives her all. She is finalizing her residency and does not enjoy the cameras on her all the time, but the money is worth the hassle. Her surgery successes and knowledge has gained her high praise and popularity. She is the main income provider in her household of foster siblings, all of whom are in school and working to become professionals in their respected fields. They are a very tight bunch and when one of Amber’s brothers slips back into gambling debt she is hopeful that the new reality TV vet the show brings in is her ace in the hole for a raise. Can she survive her – HOT – vet school nemesis?

Two talented veterinarians reunite in “Doc Showmance”. The enemies to lovers is a common trope but has a reality TV twist in this modern day romance. The protagonists draw readers in with their past history which may dictate their future. They are polar opposites in the way they were raised and yet see eye to eye when it comes to animals and loyalty and being good and kind people. The family drama from both sides plays into decisions they now make as independent adults. The rich snobs are played out on point. When sudden changes occur and take characters in different directions, readers may predict how the story concludes. Overall, a quick and witty relationship book, which includes appearances from loyal pets who steal the show.


Viola Robbins