Do Opposites Attract?


"Do Opposites Attract?" The title hints to the major theme but effectively alludes to other issues - issues that very well could keep Dr. Mitch McBride and wealthy heir Brianna Worthington from achieving their happy ending. Set in England, the reader is introduced to a socialite longing for a deeper existence than her current schedule of shopping expeditions and party hopping. Through social connections, she found herself on a plane to a third-world country to shadow an emergency medical response team. Once there, her expedition into a more conscious existence leads her to a man who sets her teeth on edge with his gruff demeanor but challenges her in a way no other man has. Though the setting is not ideal, they find common ground and allow their attraction to flare. Once the real world intervenes, their relationship flickers. It is up to Mitch and Brianna to either stoke their flame of passion and disprove the misnomer, "Like people should stay with like people" or simply go their separate ways.

The cover did not go along with the story beneath; the depth of the characters and well-written prose hid beneath the saccharin illustration. Initially, this reader's expectations were low. However, putting first impressions aside, the love story between the two characters was captivating and emotional. To say the occasional tear or deluge were shed are understatements. Wonderfully written and powerfully emotional, one truly cannot judge this book by its cover!  

Amy Willis