Distracting the Deputy


WESTERN: Outdoor adventure guide Zadie Redmond can handle all things outdoors. With a plan to enjoy a quiet birthday weekend, Zadie wraps up her latest adventure and heads home only to find the perfect field to walk through and melt away her latest client fiasco stress. Local deputy sheriff, Knox Strickland, heads home after a disastrous blind date when he notices an SUV that belongs to the very private Zadie. Knox finds himself sharing a random kiss with the private resident of Summer Creek. Zadie’s and Knox’s attraction to one another is kept at arm’s length with Zadie’s determination to keep Knox away from her past. When her past comes looking for her, Zadie attempts to let Knox go, but Knox sees a bigger picture that includes Zadie in his life.

“Distracting the Deputy” is another fun western contemporary story by Shanna Hatfield. Shanna’s ability to spin clean romance within adventurous stories of intelligent and charismatic female lead characters makes “Distracting the Deputy” an enjoyable read. Zadie’s many talents and her mysterious past will captivate readers as they watch her past unfold at the perfect rate to keep them engaged. Knox is the right amount of dreamy everything in a local cowboy deputy that readers will root for and want more of. The believability stretches when the ever-so-private Zadie allows Knox into her life. However, readers will be glad she does! The race to the end is fast-paced and worth ignoring the rest of the outside world to find out the fate of Zadie and Knox.

Moira Wolf