Discovering Her Heart: Kristen (Wishful Hearts Collection #1)


Kristen Parker is burnt out. Her imagination has always been bigger and more immersive than reality which helped when she wrote multiple bestsellers that launched a movie; less so when she suddenly can’t seem to write a word. In an effort to jump start her writing again, Kristen takes her agent up on the offer of a vacation at a resort in her home state of Tennessee. It seems like a great idea until the main character of her book meets her at the airport. Brett Stone adores his aunt, and he’s willing to do anything necessary to make sure her client and his favorite author enjoys herself, even if it means pretending he doesn’t know who she is or how much she’s beginning to mean to him. Facing reality is difficult for Kristen, but with the handsome resort owner around, her book boyfriend might have to take a back seat.

Readers will get the best of both worlds as book boyfriends and a real hero collide for Kristen. Set with a beautiful Tennessee backdrop, this story explores the importance of real life connections and how they fuel our confidence and our creativity. While the story lacks major conflict or depth, it tells a simple yet enjoyable romance. It further successfully addresses the issues both Kristen and Brett have from their pasts in a realistic way without losing its light and engaging style. Readers who are looking for a quick read with a guaranteed happy ending will find plenty to enjoy in this book!

Sarah E Bradley