Disaster at Roosevelt Ranch


Working with the horses at Roosevelt Ranch was a dream come true for Kelly Hamilton. However, sleeping with Rex Roosevelt wasn’t the smartest thing she’s ever done - especially when she finds herself out of a job and pregnant with Rex’s baby.

 Justin, Rex’s twin brother, pops into town and the restaurant where Kelly is now working, and he looks just like Rex, but doesn’t seem to be as much of a jerk as his brother. Justin is taking over the ranch while Rex goes off on a whim, and Kelly decides to help out with the horses even though she isn’t getting paid. The time spent with Justin makes her realize he’s nothing like his brother, and now that he knows she’s pregnant, he doesn’t seem to want to leave her alone. The more time spent together, the more feelings begin to bloom…and that’s just not right…is it?

Snarkiness and humor abound in this cute tale! While it seems like a love triangle trope, it’s really not. Ms. Faber has an adorable tale here, but there isn’t much depth to the characters, and some scenes are not totally tied up or complete. Justin has trust issues, but it’s not really explained why. The insta-love thing is a bit disappointing, because the chemistry is off the charts and would have best been drawn out so that readers can savor the flavor. Ms. Faber has great potential with this unique tale. Give it a little tweak, and it could be five-star winner!!!

Lynne Bryant