Dirty Tricks


Jay Marshall and Catherine Wakely have opposite agendas. He wants to settle his father's estate quickly, including the manor house left to him and Cat wants what her family deserves. Using a series of tricks, Cat has managed to scare off every site manager and crew with her haunted house scheme. 


The delay has successfully kept Jay from completing his renovation project. He arrives in town fully equipped to find the culprit behind the mischief. Jay's not prepared for the pretty neighbor and her daring antics. 


While a short read, Dirty tricks gives readers an enjoyable journey between Cat and Jay as they try and out prank one another to achieve their goals. Light humor prevailed throughout the story. The authors did an amazing job squeezing in a believable connection and romance in this short format of a novella. The dialogue is crisp and the humor is well placed. For readers who enjoy laughter with their romance, this is a perfect choice!


Michelle Howard