Dirty Devil (Nashville Devils Book 4)

Melissa Ivers

Avery Remington is a single mom with an infant son. The father chose to walk away and told her to “take care of it”. The sperm donor is a hockey player, and Avery has sworn off all hockey players forever! That is until Foster Craig rescues the damsel in distress. Avery’s car breaks down, and Foster is the only one to answer her plea. Her brother is usually her go-to, but he’s not answering her call. Foster is more than willing to help out ‘Baby Remington’. He knows he shouldn’t be attracted to his team mates sister – but he is. When he uses her to deter another ‘puck bunny’ and kisses her, a fake relationship plan is formulated. Hopefully this aids in Foster’s likability factor and keeps him from being traded to another team, but neither of them counted on pesky feelings to develop.

Ms. Ivers has penned this super steamy, super funny, sports romance that checks all the boxes! “Dirty Devil” is appropriately titled and will draw readers in from the first scene. The protagonists are a balanced match and have a believable relationship from fake to not fake. The way many inward thoughts are brought to life on the pages is a true artistic talent, along with the snarky and fun bantering text messages. The dangerous proposition that toys with their hearts and minds will take readers through the ups and downs of life and love. This is book 4 in a series and it stands alone well, but with the alpha hockey team players in the mix, readers should start at the beginning and read them all! Delicious, delightful, and fun!

Viola Robbins