Diamond Dirt

Laura Lee

Shelby has been working towards her dream of playing in the National Championship softball game since she could throw a softball. In her senior year of college, everything is looking like her dream will actually come true, except for her failing grade in one class: British History.  Winston is focused on two things, graduation and finishing with his fifty-page paper. Tutoring the star pitcher for the softball team does not exactly fit into his plan.  However, he finds himself in the library trying to teach Shelby all about the royals.  As the big game draws near and graduation looms, Shelby and Winston learn more from one another than they originally planned. 

Calling all softball fanatics and romantics! “Diamond Dirt” will have you cheering for Shelby and Winston, both on and off the field.  Ms. McKellips packs enough softball action and jargon into her story to please any sports fan; however, the chemistry between Winston and Shelby may not be every reader’s cup of tea.  Although the time Shelby is in the pitching circle is interesting, the time spent off the field never truly makes a connection with the reader.  The research and detail put into the sport side of the novel feels authentic and real, however the school side will have any college graduate questioning its authenticity.  Overall, the storyline is sweet, if slightly predictable.  Any reader looking for a book centered on a sport will certainly eat it up when the Lady Hawks take the field.

Amy Cefoldo